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History of the Organisation

The Australian Ophthalmic Nurses’ Association began in 1982 at Sydney Eye Hospital. One of the founding members was Miss Dorothy Glasson who was the Matron of Sydney Eye Hospital. The joining fee at the time was $5.

NSW was the first state to be settled and the first state to have an Ophthalmic Nurses Association. At different points of time AONA NSW supported sub branches in Victoria and Rural NSW

Dorothy Glasson was an early promoter of nursing education. The first ophthalmic course was in 1965 and was held continuously until 2008. In 2014 Sydney Eye Hospital in conjunction with Notre Dame University launched the first Post Graduate Certificate in Ophthalmic Nursing in Australia; this could not have been achieved without the support of the Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association.

Since 1981 when the first “ophthalmic nursing seminar” was held at Sydney Hospital with 60 -70 participants attending with a cost of $7.50, AONA has been committed to providing education/professional support. 34 years later the AONA Ophthalmic Nurses Association is still going strong

AONA NSW has held an annual conference every year except in 2011 when the Asia Pacific Academy Organisation was held in Sydney. This conference had a major nursing component with speakers from all over the world sharing insight and information about best practice.


AONA NSW main objective is to deliver professional development for Ophthalmic Nurses, it achieves this by organising clinical sessions, teleconferences and conferences for its members. Financial support through the use of educational grants is promoted to members, to ensure they are able to access educational opportunities.

The committee currently has 11 voluntary members, who freely give their time to support and promote the objectives of this organisation. Members are represented on the following working parties; NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Ophthalmology Network, ACHS Clinical Indicator Committee and CoNNO a national organisation of speciality nurses.

AONA NSW has strong links nationally with Ophthalmic Nursing Organisations in other states (Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia) and jointly commenced the “AONA Vision” national newsletter in 2008 incorporating information about clinical days, conferences and educational articles from all states.


Meet the Team NSW Executive Committee

Joanna McCulloch


Cheryl Moore

Vice President / Education

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Clare Hafner

Membership Secretary

Sue Clifton

Newsletter Editor

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Committee Member

Lesley McDowell

Committee Member

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Committee Member

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Committee Member / Regional Member

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